I hired Stephen to represent me in a DUI case. From our first meeting he was perfectly clear about what I needed to do, and what he would do for me. He was patient with all my questions, and I had a lot. He handled the court, the hearings with the DMV, made sure that all my rights were protected, and most importantly he did every single thing he said he would do quickly and professionally.

I was scared to death about what the arrest and record would mean for my future, but Stephen assured me he would fight for me, and fight he did. In the end the court amended my charges, cleared the DUI from my record completely and got my life back to normal again. He's smart, he's personable, and he took ownership of my case and got a result that was beyond anything I could have hoped for. Should I ever need a lawyer again for anything his phone is the only one I will ring. Thank you so much Stephen, you made all the difference in the world for me and my family!

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