Stephen Hebert made what i thought was impossible, possible. He went above and beyond for me. Ive had other lawyers and Stephen actually cares about you. If you care about yourself, he is definitely the attorney for you.



Mr. Hebert is simply the best option for representation, his knowledge and commitment to his clients are unmatched. Honest, trustworthy, and fair. Simply couldn't ask for a better council to have your back. He'll forever be my #1 choice.



Incredible experience. Quick response in our time of need. Expert counsel and updates throughout the process. Achieved an outcome that was better than anyone could have expected. Highly recommend!!!

Mr. Hebert is caring, dependable, and willing to go the extra mile for his clients. His professionalism is definitely unmatched. I would recommend him to family and friends.



Amazing lawyer, was very professional and communicative as the case moved forward. He ended up helping me get all charges dropped.



I needed a criminal Lawyer for something personal and Stephen was so helpful in explaining everything to me. All I have to say Is I highly recommend him as a criminal attorney and he definitely met all my expectations. Thank you Stephen Hebert!



Straightforward, efficient. Easily one of the best lawyers I've dealt with. Will deal with him again if needed.



My case involved a DUI incident. I was staying at a hotel with a roommate for my military drill weekend. I had been drinking in the hotel through the evening, and later at night I went out to my car for some privacy to talk on the phone and continued to have some beer while sitting in the AC since it was very muggy and hot outside and I did not want to disturb my roommate. I was parked on the premises of the hotel given I had a room there. I unintentionally fell asleep in my car for about 30 min, and awoke to a police officer knocking on my window, after which he arrested me for a DUI. Apparently, there is a law that you can not just sit in your car and have a drink just sitting there, or have alcohol in your system which I did not know. Given the fact I was staying at this property, this arrest was completely unnecessary as the officer could’ve just let me go back into my room. Nevertheless, it happened and I was arrested and brought to jail for the night causing me to miss drill the next day. Having this charge, many things in my life started to become affected, and I had no idea what to do so I contacted a few lawyers and also came across Mr. Hebert. I saw his ratings and how he has a great background in handling DUI cases. After speaking and meeting with him the next day after my arrest, I decided he was the best fit to take this on.

Mr. Hebert took the case and immediately got things rolling. He kept very prompt communication with me regarding my case and ensured me he would do his very best to receive the best possible outcome given my unfortunate and unnecessary scenario. His goal was to get these charges refused outright before they even had to a chance to make it past the DAs office, and that is exactly what he did, within approximately one months timeframe at that! I am very pleased with his performance and professionalism and the extremely fast outcome of this incident. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a DUI attorney.



I would only hire Stephen Hebert! He answered his phone after business hours and even works weekends! He was very knowledgeable of the law and was able to get my case thrown out before I even had a second court date! The BEST attorney I have ever known!!



Needed an attorney when I was on a trip in NOLA over a long weekend. Had a bit too much alcohol and was arrested for disturbing peace / trespassing in a federal building (I happened to annoy a security guard in a museum when I ran in during a sudden downpour and got into an argument with him a few times). I searched reviews here on AVVO and found Stephen. I hired him and he talked to me on the phone quickly, then we met the next morning at his office. He was so helpful, took care of the court situation, I didn’t miss my flight home, he took care of everything. Highly recommend!



Stephen Hebert was wonderful to work with. From the first to the last interaction, he was understanding, professional, highly responsive and knowledgeable. Stephen helped explain all legal issues in detail and helped to put the situation in context. He was fought (and got) the best outcome but was transparent about all potential outcomes. I highly recommend him to anyone needing legal services.



Stephen was reassuring, explained the different law issues. He worked diligently on my case and won!



Stephen is a true professional who personally handles your case every step of the way. You will not deal with assistants relaying your messages, full voicemails or delays in communication when you have questions. If you call, he will answer or call back without delay. If you text, he will respond. If your personal life/schedule make it challenging to attend a court date, he will go out of his way to appear on your behalf/help reschedule if it is allowed. I was facing a charge with essentially zero chance of prevailing in a trial. Steven was able to secure a significantly more favorable outcome for me without me ever having to step foot in front of a judge. Stephen obviously possesses comprehensive legal knowledge but he also knows the system, knows the people who work in the system locally and has realistic clear expectations about what is possible and what is not. He will tell it to you straight and do everything he can to advocate for your interests. Highly recommended!



I found Mr. Hebert in a time of uncertainty and panic. After 44 years of leading a decent, productive life, I had been wrongfully accused of a serious crime, and had no idea of how to deal with the situation.  I quickly became enraged and I couldn't believe such thing could be happening to me. I couldn't sleep, eat, concentrate or function properly under such stress and fear of being stripped from my freedom, and having my record ruined by a lying, small time, thug-wannabe criminal, toothless a@@&[)e decided to file a false report accusing me of stealing his dentures, in retaliation for me reporting his criminal behavior to the company we worked for, and leaving him behind at a truck stop after he threatened me.  I knew I had to act quickly and deal with the situation but I had no idea where to seek help. After running a quick online search, I contacted Mr. Hebert. It was kind of early in the morning but he picked up the phone. He listened to me and offered some advice. He clearly understood my situation and confidently offered to help. His rate was fair, so I retained him immediately. He was able to help me keep calm, explained the process in easy-to-digest terms, made no unrealistic promises, and was dead-on on every single thing he said he expected to take place. He is straight forward, no bs, articulate and fearless, and I felt at ease knowing that he was representing me. He made sure that I understood what was happening at all times, and was extremely patient every time I called at less-than-ideal times with a million questions, was always accessible, and handled everything diligently. The case was over in no time and I could breathe again! Mr. Hebert is everything you want in an attorney. I highly recommend him any day. He is the best at his craft, and really cares about his clients, and is always well prepared for any possible scenario. Thank you Mr. Hebert. I wish you much continued success!!!



I highly recommend Stephen to anyone facing drug charges in the state of Louisiana, he is an attorney who will always communicate with you and really be on your side. I hired him to represent my husband 3 years ago, and I really feel that he gave it his all. There was a lot against us, and he really let us know what every outcome could be... Till this day I can call or text Stephen regarding a legal matter and he still responds. I appreciate how fast and effective Stephen works, I was never sent to deal with a paralegal I always dealt directly with him; texts and phone calls were always answered...... If you are looking into him, hire him.. he is the best in my opinion.

Thank you so much for your masterly handling of a very challenging case and your fight for real justice
Of course I would recommend Mr. Hebert to anyone seeking sound legal help



Excellent and caring representation of my close friend. I was the contact person and Mr. Hebert was extremely knowledgeable and swiftly communicated every single update. He worked very hard for a positive resolution and I highly recommend Mr. Hebert!



Navigating the New Orleans court system can be overwhelming especially if you live out of town. I had a family member that received a summons to appear in court for a misdemeanor offense while visiting the city. I was very fortunate to come across Mr. Hebert's contact information. I could not have asked for a more professional, knowledgeable, and understanding attorney. He explained the process and said he would take care of everything. And that is exactly what he did. It is truly a blessing to find people who you can trust and do what they say. Mr. Hebert your name and contact information will be given to anyone I come across that plan on visiting New Orleans. Thank you again.



Extremely helpful and eased my nerves through the whole process. Communicated everything with me and helped me understand the process.



I contacted Stephen because of an unfortunate incident that occurred in New Orleans during a recent visit there. He returned my call within minutes of contacting him and explained very clearly the process he would follow and the fee. Stephen is the consummate professional and everything that transpired went as planned with no impediment and no surprises. I would not hesitate to use his services again. A personal thank you to Stephen is warranted, especially given the successful resolution the issue l faced.



Positive: Professionalism, 
Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Hiring Stephen Hebert was the best decision I could’ve made! I was facing felony convictions but ended up in a diversion program. He traveled over an hour outside of New Orleans to attend court with me. He’s attentive, hard-working, and an out right miracle worker! I would highly recommend.

Mr. Hebert helped me with a dui. He got the charges dropped without having to appear in the courtroom. He was available when I needed consultation. This included disruptions due to hurricane Ida.

I was a victim of identity theft it was the most horrible experience of my life. My TWIC card was up for renewal so I attempted to renew it. After waiting a couple of weeks I had received a letter in the mail stating that it was on hold due to a warrant for my arrest in Louisiana. I was shocked I didn’t know where to turn I called Louisiana sheriffs office to find out what it was about and when they told me I was even more shocked I explained to them it wasn’t me I never ever been in ascension Louisiana before . My wife found Mr. Stephen on line I immediately called him . He was a gift from God he lifted this evil from my life and freed me from all charges I highly highly recommend him !! I will never ever forget this horrible experience and I will never loose his # If anyone out there is ever in a tight spot he is the man to get you out of it he is truly one of god’s Angels!! Thank you so much sir!! Best Regards, Al.

I contacted and hired Mr. Hebert regarding a self defense case in New Orleans. I was overcharged with mulitiple felonies and was looking at 10-20 yrs worth of charges. My case was a clear-cut self defense case, but my actions were viewed as criminal. Ultimately, I recieved a favorable result pre-trial and settled the case. He was blunt and to the point, knowledgeable, his explainations were clear, & helped me manage expectations. All said, I would hire him again.

I consulted Attorney Hebert after office hours in reference to a misdemeanor traffic offense. To my surprise, he responded promptly. He called the following day, as promised. I retained him, paid fee, and received an affidavit to start the process without leaving my office. He did not make any promises, however, he exceeded my expectations . Every aspect was covered. No stone was left unturned. He is the most prompt attorney I have had the pleasure of meeting. When I called, he answered. If I emailed, he responded. I never spoke with a secretary or representative. I only dealt with him. I highly recommend Stephen Hebert for any legal needs. I am well pleased!

I am so thankful to have found Stephen!!! He truly made the process so easy and took all of the stress away. I found myself in some trouble after too many drinks on vacation in New Orleans. I live all the way in California and needed a lawyer that could handle the court date on my behalf. I spoke with many lawyers before I found Stephen and none of them were as down to earth as he was. He was very easy to talk to and walked me through the entire process. I felt confident that I was in good hands. He is also very affordable and handles everything for you. It made my life so much easier. All charges were dropped. It was money well spent. I HIGHLY recommend him!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

First off, I will begin by speaking on the price because that is the first thing I looked for when reading reviews. I spoke to three other lawyers who all wanted to charge me over double of what Mr. Hebert charged. That, by itself speaks volumes.

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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Mr. Hebert was extremely helpful with the process and working with the courts. I highly recommend him to anyone with any issues in the New Orleans area.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness,

Attorney Hébert is a highly qualified criminal defense attorney who treats his clients with dignity and respect. He was very informative and made me feel at ease. Mr. Hébert is a professional with integrity and passionate about his job!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Stephen was the best man for the job. Always kept me up to date the with the case and ultimately got an amazing result. Very grateful for him and couldn’t recommend more.

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